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A Peasholm Park Romance

In August 1965 Winifred (Winnie) Annie Starbuck, then aged 25, from Eckington, near Sheffield, went to the Assemblies of God Holiday Camp, which was held at Burniston, near Scarborough.

In that same week, Thomas (Tom) Albert Haseldine, then aged 23, from Wellingborough, Northants, also went to the camp.

On Wednesday Aug 4th, a trip was organised to go to Peasholm Park for the afternoon and we sat next to each other on the coach. Although it took only 15 minutes to get to the Park we began to talk to each other. On reaching the Park, however, we went our separate ways.

During the afternoon, it began to rain and towards the end of the visit I made my way to go out, walking along the path around the Lake. One of a group of girls, who were in a boat on the Lake, shouted to me, asking if I’d like to share her umbrella when they came off the boats to make their way back to the coach. As it was raining fast, I decided I would wait for them to get in off the Lake.

The girl whose umbrella I shared was the girl I had sat next to on the coach. That visit to Peasholm Park resulted in us marrying seven months later in March 1966 and spending 42 years of happily married life together.

We both retired in 2002 and we always wanted to revisit Scarborough, so in 2008 we decided to visit the following year, in 2009.

But my wife was taken ill in 2008 and passed away a few weeks later in October 2008.

To celebrate my wife’s birthday in April 2009, I decided to take the visit to the town that we had arranged and so I came here to revisit some of the places in Burniston and Peasholm Park during that week.

I would like to thank the Postmaster and his wife, Stuart and Sue Harris, of Burniston for giving me the details I asked for, and the owners of Harmony Country Lodge in Burniston, Tony and Susan Hewitt for showing me the photos of the chalets which we used during that August of 1965.

Also, I was very happy to find I could stay at the Peasholm Park Hotel which overlooks Peasholm Park, for 6 days during Easter Week this year.

I would also like to thank the members of the Peasholm Park Friends group for the warm welcome I received when I attended their meeting on April 15th 2009.

And I’d like to thank the man who was in the paying in desk at Peasholm Park Lake for showing me the photo cuttings of the Lake during the 1960s.

So for my late wife and for me, Peasholm Park was not just two words, but words that changed our lives forever.

If it was not for Peasholm Park we would never have met. That is why Peasholm Park meant such a lot to us.

Tom Haseldine