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About the Group

What does this group do?

The Peasholm Park Friends Group was set up in 2005. We are a group of volunteers who try to help to improve the park in addition to the work being done by the gardeners. This contribution frees up some of the time for the gardeners to do other important work in the park. We also try to organise events for the benefit of everyone and try to raise money for things that might not be covered in the Council budget. The existence of a Friends Group means that we are prepared to put in some work ourselves which is of value to all the community. These volunteer hours, apart from the obvious difference it makes to the park, also help us to qualify for funding from such sources as the Heritage Lottery Fund. If we are prepared to put in the effort ourselves either by directly working or by fund raising, this effort does not go unnoticed. Here are some examples of the work done so far by the Friends group.

Work on the Island

Until recently the island was closed to the public for many years. The direct effort of the Friends Group has meant that the island has now reopened for everyone to enjoy.

  • We assisted with the design and planting of the gardens on the Island.
  • We painted the walls and fences on the Island.
  • We regularly tidy up and keep the island free of litter.

Work on the Trees

  • We designed and created the Tree Trail itself; including the posts, the leaflet and the seats
  • We created and paid for the Tree Trail interpretation panel
  • We paid for a massive tree felling scheme
  • We have paid for a Management Plan for the Glen in order to set up a sustainable re-planting scheme.

Work on the Lily Pond

We re-designed and planted out the Lily Pond We created and paid for the Lily Pond panel We ran a competition to design a Seat at the Lily Pond and we paid for its creation and installation. We've planted thousands of spring bulbs We litter pick and weed regularly

Other Areas of the Park

  • We redesigned and paid for the alterations at the Yacht Pools
  • We raised funds to pay for the wood carving sculptures and the picnic tables
  • We installed the cctv camera and floodlight.

Information and extra value for all visitors

  • We set up the website
  • We paid for the "Welcome to Peasholm" panel on Manor Road
  • We researched the information to go into the 3 New Interpretation Panels "Welcome to Peasholm" "History of Peasholm" and the "Willow Pattern Board".
  • We researched and designed the information for the Koong Sang information notice board.
  • We send out - free - 4 newsletters a year
  • We have held 5 - free - Summer parties over 3 years
  • We have held 2 - free - Carol concerts
  • We designed and printed a -free- Education Pack with information about and activities around the Park.

Have you the time and the energy to help?

  • Meet at the Buttercup Kiosk between 10 and 12 on the first Saturday of each month to help to pick up litter around the park.
  • Meet at the Lily Pond between 10 and 12 on the first Monday of each month to help with weeding and gardening.

We provide the tools, the gloves and the rubbish bags - you provide the labour!

Are you too busy but would like to help in other ways?

  • There are many people who love the park but are not able to volunteer their time but would like to contribute in other ways. If you would like to make a donation to the Friends group fund you may do so. Cheques need to be made payable to 'Peasholm Park Friends' and sent to our Chair, Linda Harper.
  • One of our ways of raising funds is by having a tombola stall at some of our events. Another very welcome contribution would be in the donation of prizes for the tombola stall.
  • If you have any ideas yourself, please contact us and share these with us.

Would you like to contact us?

We have two Open Meetings a year where everyone is welcome. There is also a Committee meeting each month. If you would like to join us simply turn up on a volunteer day or an Open meeting. There is no cost in being a member of the Friends Group. A new committee is elected each year at our AGM which is held in April, so if you wish to become more involved, you would be most welcome.

For any further information please send an email using the contact form on the site.